First blog post

This is the post excerpt.

Hello everyone! So, I’m Rachana, I’m from India and I’m a student. I like to write. I like to write articles, poems, stories, infact I am working on my book. 

I created this blog to be read. To share my writings with everyone. Hope you like them. 

And thank you for visiting and reading my blogs. 

Lots of love!

Rise up

​Life is so fucked up 

But you still need to rise up 
Everyone will take you down and call you a zero 

But you gotta be your own hero 
Be it your teacher, your relatives even your father 

If you slip, stand again climb up the ladder 
Call you names, break you down, or fading your shine 

But you know no one can stop you from reaching cloud nine 
I get it it’s hard, it’s tough, your tears are not bluff 

But Darling the power you got is more than enough
You are not the star who desire the shine 

You are the sun who is everyone’s light 
So wake up, don’t just dream 

Work hard make them come true 

Than the only one who is gonna slay is 


40 is the new 20

“Mom, what are you wearing!” My daughter shouted in disbelief, “Why are you even wearing it? You do remembered you are not 20!”

“Oh come on honey! I am just 40 not 60 year old. And even I was 60 I will wear whatever I like okay?” I smiled at her. “And don’t forget 40 is new 20!” I grinned earning a roll of eyes.

So, all the women out there who hesitates to wear sexy dresses….DON’T. There is no reason to feel diffident. If your daughter, son or even your husband objects you to wear something 40, tell them to get used to it. And trust me they will get used it and they will be very proud to have a confident woman like you in their life.

Okay, other than family, we are more concerned about the views of society. What would they think? What would be there reaction? DON’T EVER THINK LIKE THAT. Society is never concerned about your choices, why are you thinking about theirs? If you see someone looking at you in a disappointed way, don’t give a shit. Either they are just making you feel little or they are just jealous. So let your hairs down and your head up and walk like a diva.

And when you enter the office people will be like ‘why is she wearing that?’, :Maybe she is missing her college days!’, ‘Maybe she forgot she is aging!’, Some of them will even say, ‘Maybe she is high or bade log h yar!’ They will laugh at you, they will pass comments, they might spread rumors. But don’t let them get you, instead of getting offended, when you come at office next day wear a even more sexier dress, and let them wide their eyes in aw. They will scrunch their nose but you know what, in their mind only one thing is going on, women must be thinking ‘oh I wish I could be like that.’ And men, ‘Oh I wish my wife could be like that.’ So as I said earlier, don’t let the people get on your mind, let them talk behind you, they are behind for a reason.

Let your hairs down, turn your head up and walk like Beyonce on the red carpet.

Thank you!

Give me a day

Wait a minute let me get lost in your eyes 

Let me unearth the universe which there lies

Give me one song only one song which means alot to you 

So I can play it and feel the lyrics and move with you 

We are not thinking for forever but living in present 

Only your whispers give me shivers so pleasant

Let’s skip the routine and do whatever comes to mind 

Don’t think to much let your lips crash upon mine 

Feel the fire in the veins and the spark  

Making the moon shy and hide behind from the stars

Make love to me till the sun rise 

So we can explore each other all night

Give me one day and a night of your life 

Where we can cuddle all day and gaze at star all night 

I am a girl

​I am a girl and I am not very proud of it 

Not because of the gender but the society 

Even if I’m daring and bold 

I still have to check if my body’s properly covered or not 

I can’t get into temples if I’m on my period dates 

And I’m characterless if my dupatta is not set

I am wearing a transparent top and by bra is on show 

The boy will try to touch me and will get to the low 

I am not allowed to study more and be more educated

Only because my sasural wale will get offended 

When you stare at me in public, wanting to strip my clothes off 

And when I stare back suddenly I am whore 

No I am not afraid or scared 

Just humiliated so far 

This disrespect sinking me down 

Making me feel run away and kill you at the same time

Being a girl its not easy 

Both physically, mentally we go through pain 

And your shameful behavior doesn’t help to be sane 

Do a favor to me and other girls 

Which also includes your mother and sister 

Let us live our life independently 

Don’t make us stand up and

Or you’ll know further! 


​He is gay, she is a lesbian, he is a bisexual and she, she just got transgender surgery. So what? Its not like they are criminals, or alcoholics or drug addicts. The only thing they are addicted to is love, they love in a different way we are used see. They fall in love with the same sexuality. Their love is precious just like any of us.

Being homosexual in India is a big no no. Why? Because it’s against our God, against our nature. Our society have always believed in our ancient’s beliefs. They still do, that’s why our society is so backward in many ways. They threaten you for being gay, because they are afraid of wrath of God. But I’ve never seen a murderer be afraid of God, Never seen a rapist be afraid of god. Is god in their favor? No I don’t think shoving your thing into someone forcefully is in favor of nature. So why they always get a way out and these people get punishments just for loving someone. 

In India a rapist or a murderer gets bell out most of the time, but if they find gays together they will beat them to death, and there is also a law under act 377 for homosexuals there is penalty up to life imprisonment. Seriously life imprisonment, just for loving someone? We don’t have any recognition of third gender, they don’t have recognition of relationships. But why I don’t understand! Why can’t you understand they are just like us, two hands, two eyes, two ears, all same organs, everything is same and one heart to love but in different way. We all have different feelings right? If I’m not into somebody I’m not that’s it. I’ll choose whoever I want to go out with and whoever I want to love. There you go, that’s their right, that’s our right, that’s the right every human being have. And you don’t have right to judge them or punish them because love is not a crime.  
You seriously think its against God? Well, I never read in Ramayana or Mahabharata or in Bhagwat Geeta  not to fall in love. The only thing I read was love everyone around you, no mentions of sexuality. Wake up people, don’t live in false belief. They are human They are us. 

I am with them, are you?


​You know what depression is no right? 
For you its a person who’s head is always hung down
But for us its more than a battle with our inside demons 
In the world of feelings we are half floating and half drown

Don’t laugh at a guy who cries alone 
He is in danger help him out
Don’t judge girl by her smoking habit 
She is just puffing her emotions in the air bit by bit 

I want to talk to someone 
But no they won’t understand 
What if after seeing the scars 
They will leave my hand 

Can’t rely on someone to make us feel better 
The only thing to do is pretend and laugh 
Maybe colorful outside but the darkness have reigned over our heart

We have two mood people call us bipolar 
You don’t really know how it feels to have two sounds
Staring at the stars looking for answers 
Want to get lost never want to be found

The feelings locked under now craving to come out 
Please talk to someone, 
We are suffocating they sought

No we are not coward or losers 
Just a little confused and suffocation
None can do for us 
Not even a small room or a mansion 

Its not a subject to study, But pain to feel 
The insomnia and nightmares cannot be healed 
We have long ago ran away from you 
Just our body is with you, our mind long gone too. 

This is war that can never be loose or won 
In the battle to stay alive our mind is torn